Specialists in Expert Evidence

Since 2001 Expert Experts has been dedicated to addressing evidentiary issues across different areas of law.

Expert Experts not only connects people with specialised knowledge, we have a wealth of it ourselves.

Expert Experts has a deep understanding of the law relevant to the role of the expert witness and expert evidence in the decision making process.

Expert Experts works with consultants to ensure they understand the specific questions each individual decision maker needs answered, whilst maintaining their objectivity and independence.


Expert Experts makes the process as easy as possible by taking care of the whole booking process.

Reliable Opinions that Withstand Review

Expert Experts delivers quality reports and opinions which are designed to withstand close scrutiny and review.

Products & Services

As a preferred partner and supplier of expert evidence for a number of leading insurers and law firms we have worked closely with our clients to understand their business, evidentiary and decision making needs, and to develop assessment services and products to meet their specific requirements.


Expert Experts is devoted to bringing specialised knowledge and people together across a wide range of fields of expertise.


Expert Experts believes that the forensic process, where the facts assumed, standards applied and reasoning processes followed are fully exposed, leads to reliable opinions which are easy to understand and apply, and that this process of illumination is essential to reliable evidence based decision making.


Consistent with our Philosophy we operate according to the core values of HEARK:

Honesty | Excellence | Accountability | Respect | Knowledge


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